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Posted on 08/16/2016
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Money can't buy happiness..
About Me:
"Happiness keeps you Sweet,
Trials keep you strong,
Sorrows keep you Human,
Life keeps you Humble,
Success keeps you Glowing,
but only GOD keeps YOU GOING......."

I am a very artistic person funny, easy to get along,positive thinker,imaginative, tall, flexible, I love swimming and mountain climbing, Stick to one, creative and leader in any league of service i choose... I am nice to those who like me i gave people the same Courtesy they bestowed upon me.. I would love to have you as my Friend. Hmmmmmm....... more about me? I‎ could be very tolerant, kind and courteous with inner strength. I could be naive and too impulsive at times. I guess.... hehehe‎

‎My positive Traits hmmmm...... I am ‎sensible, sensual and sensitive, sweetly naive, caring, self-sacrificing, erudite, talented, open-handed, candid, outgoing, amusing, charitable, obliging, graciously hospitable and virtuous..

How bout my Negative Traits ehem..... ‎H‎ot-tempered, pessimistic, outrageously epicurean, earthy to a fault, sardonic, snobbish, snide, authoritarian, competitive, know-it-all, stingy, victimized and sometimes downright criminally mad at the world

"Its better to give than to receive" would probably be my motto. I am more comfortable giving my own time or attention than to ask others for it. i do not find asking for help an easy task and would rather carry the burden all by myself. I will do anything i could just to maintain a sense of peace amongst family or friends.but sometimes this can lead to a tendency of being taken advantage of, but I am basically forgive and forget Guy. I'm a compassionate soul who simply want to keep the peace within me.
‎I usually go with the flow and trust people before i truly know them. This, of course, get me into trouble sometimes because I am so often too trusty for my own good. I may quite be easily influenced; yet, can be very persuasive when it comes to getting what i want. I love.... love... LOVE.... parties and social situations and enjoy giving myself to help others. so i guess I'm done and hope to meet new friends, especially you.. <3
I am:
Seeking a:
Angeles City
Marital Status:
Single / Never married
Looking for:
Home and Family
Professional Life
Attend Services:
Political Views:
Not political
Sense of Humor:
Campy / Cheesy, Clever / Quick Witted, Friendly
Playing Music, Gardening, Television, Gaming, Computers / Internet, Cooking, Travel, Watching Sports, Religion, Reading, Photography, Listening to Music, Movies, Family, Dining, Arts
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